Why being a Maniac in Mafia Wars is a Good Thing

Published: 26th May 2010
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Mafia Wars is a popular game that gives players the ability to create and manage their own virtual Mafia family. Part of the game's undeniable appeal is that it can be played for free on the world's largest social networking site (Facebook). The site also allows you to create multiplayer games and to play as a team with your closest Facebook friends. In fact, each of them can be a different character and play a different role in the rise of a vicious mafia clan.

In this article we are going to focus primarily on the most popular character type: the maniac. But before we go into that, we will say a few words about the character. As you might expect, the first decision any new player will be asked to make before the game begins is to choose a character type. In the current version of Mafia Wars, there are only three character types from which to choose: the maniac, the mogul, and the fearless character.

Each of these characters has one particular advantage over the others. There are four categories or strengths on which they are judged: energy, health, money and stamina. For the fearless character, his advantage is that his health is restored every 2 minutes, instead of the 3 minutes the others have to wait. For the mogul character, his advantage is that he receives money every 54 minutes, instead of every hour. And for the Maniac, his advantage is that his energy is replenished every three minutes, instead of every five minutes.

As you can see, it is clearly the maniac who has the most significant advantage over the other characters, since he has a full two-minute edge in energy. But if you are new to the game, then you probably don't have any idea which is the most important: money, health, stamina, or energy. That is why many new players who don't read Mafia Wars game guides make the mistake of choosing the wrong character.

Now, don't get me wrong. All of the characters have their good points, but for a new player it is best to select the character that is the easiest to use and will help you learn how to play Mafia Wars. Later on, of course, when you want a challenge, it may be fun to select one of the other characters. In fact, that is what many of the more experienced players do.

The energy is so important, because you need energy to do the jobs. It takes a long time for the energy to replenish. Well, Mafia Wars is a game that takes some time to play. That is why most people only play it at night, after school or when they get home from work. But with quick energy restoration, you can login several times a day and play for only a few minutes.

Mafia Wars game guides also tell us that the Maniac is the first to become eligible to become a Button Man. It means that you will have the ability to win every fight you start. While this might not seem like such a big deal, since characters often win the fights they start, it is possible to lose them. According to Mafia Wars game guides, characters can lose 5 to10 percent of all fights due to critical blows. But being a Button Man prevents this, so it is a nice, if minor advantage.

Also, if you know how to play Mafia Wars, then you know that energy is imperative to leveling. However, it is important not to rely too much on speed leveling, since it can be quite expensive with the constant energy Packs and Refills instead of natural restoration.

Mafia Wars games guides also remind us that it is primarily our energy that lets us complete more quests, which will inevitably make our characters better at earning money and gaining experience in the game. This is something that most users quickly learn once they know how to play Mafia Wars.

Okay, so you want to know how to play Mafia Wars. Well, the easiest strategy is to put as many points as you possibly can into energy. The reason for this is simple. A high energy will help you level a lot faster. This is due mainly to the fact that a character's energy is restored after each level. Therefore, it helps to have higher energy levels and a faster restoration rate.

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